Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Follow Up Your Sales!

These ten ideas are not original with me. I heard them in a Century 21 online sales class and thought they were worth passing along. Most of them are common sense; the rest are just good manners.

1. Thank your clients.

2. Thank any and all parties involved in the sale (title, escrow, lenders, the agent on the other side).

3. Provide a closing gift to your buyers.

4. Stop by on moving day with little items like light bulbs, toilet paper, windex etc.

5. Stop by the day after move in to see that all is well.

6. Call in a couple of weeks—ask for a visit.

7. Call every 2-3 months to say hello.

8. Send cards at holidays and the anniversary of the sale.

9. Ask for referrals.

10. Ask for letters of recommendations.

Pretty good plan, ne?

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Alys Milner said...

Great list Bob. Thanks for posting it.