Sunday, January 31, 2010


Progress Report

Well, gutsy guys and galloping gals (you know who you are), here it is the end of January. How are you progressing with your running goals for 2010? My goal for the first month was 84 miles. I made 78 miles, about one run shy of the mark, close but no medal. My running doppelganger, Kinsey Milhone, that darling girl, made 93 miles, but you know she’s just relentless (bitch). So, 78 run to date, 922 to go. I am going to have to make up some additional miles in February regardless of weather. Oh, yes. Bad weather is MY excuse.

But, back to you.

No, you are not off the hook. How are you doing? If your progress is disappointing, what has been holding you back?


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