Saturday, September 20, 2008


The benefits of home staging are statistically clear. Staged homes sell faster and for more money than their un-staged competition. Home Staging results in quicker sales and fewer price reductions than homes that languish on the market.

First impressions are very important. Buyers often make their decision in the first 60 seconds. Take a good look at your front door. Does it need painting? Does the hardware need replacing? Is the door mat new and clean? Have you put away all the gee-gaws? Does your entryway welcome a buyer to their new home.

Buyers will drive by without stopping if the home does not “invite” them to come in. Seasonal flowers, well-pruned permanent shrubs and trees, a perfectly mowed lawn are very attractive to drive-by customers. What can we do to improve the curb appeal of your home? Is this the time to hire a short-term gardener?

Buyers relax in a house that is neat and clean.

The home you live in and love is not the home you want to sell. You want to sell a home for the buyers to live in. Too many of your own personal decorations interfere with the buyers’ attempt to mentally decorate the home with their own belongings. Buyers need to see themselves, not you, in the home.

A home that is uncluttered and spare is easier to sell. Kitchen counter tops, especially, should be as bare as possible. Remove those magnets, photos and other stuff from the refrigerator.

The fewer the objects, the bigger the room. Less is more. When in doubt, pack it away. You’re going to be packing it anyway for your upcoming move, aren’t you? So, do it now, before you start showing your house.

Windows! Be sure they are sparkling clean, drapes are drawn, and blinds are open to let in the light and show off your views.

Light! When you know there is a showing, turn on every light in the house.

Smells! Many people are very sensitive to smells; really turned on by good smells, really turned off by bad smells. The absolutely worst smell? Pet odor! Many buyers won’t even come in the door if they smell cat urine or “fragrance de old dog.”

Towels! Bring out the good set, the matching set that compliments the rest of the bathroom and kitchen d├ęcor.

Closets! Pack away the off-season clothing. Make the closets as empty and organized as possible. Get stuff off the floor. You don’t need all that stuff anyway, do you? Crowded, messy closets mean one thing to buyers: not enough storage!

We will be happy to advise you on staging your home for a quick sale.

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